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   Miscellaneous Used Equipment For Sale  

Below is a list of Miscellaneous used equipment currently available.
If any are of interest please e-mail us the reference number,
together with your full company name, address, contact and telephone and fax numbers.
We will then arrange for a full specification and quote to be sent to you.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Ref. No. Item Description
C3/06/13/A16VE Gas Fired Vaporator10 VS, 453.6 kgs/hr., suitable for curing concrete at low pressure
C8/09/16/A3316,000 litres bunded fuel tank
C9/11/18/A23Dryair Portable Heat Exchanger PHE-25EUNew with an output of 25KW, ideal for heating, drying and climate control applications
C10/11/18/A23Dryair Portable Heat Exchanger PHE-60EUNew with an output of 59KW, ideal for heating, drying and climate control applications
C11/11/18/A23Dryair Plate Heat Exchanger PHE-FF-300EUNew with heat transfer up to 293KW, suitable for high-rise heating applications and for heating separate fluid supply
C13/01/20/A09Bunded Oil Tanks (8 off)5000 gallons (22,730 litres) each, ex MoD
C14/03/20/A02Rycroft Steam to Water Plate Heat ExchangerYear of manufacture 2005 with a duty of 500KW at 10 bar pressure
C15/08/20/A09Steam Accumulator25,000 litres capacity, 14 bar design pressure. Length 8 mt long x 2.5 mt diameter, fully insulated